Document Date: September 1997 – Amended April 2017
Next Revision Date: April 2022 (5 years)


Section 1.01

These Chapter By-Laws are consistent with the Chapter Guide, hereinafter referred to as "CG", including the National By-Laws, which are incorporated into this document by this reference. In the case of any inconsistency between the National By-Laws and the Chapter By-Laws, the National By-Laws shall govern.

Section 1.02

The name of this Chapter is: Cape Canaveral Chapter

  1. Date of Chapter charter: October 1, 1963
  2. The Chapter Number is: 11
  3. The fiscal year of the Chapter shall be from July 1st through June 30th.

Section 1.03

The Program year shall be July 1st through June 30th of the following year.

Section 1.04

In accordance with the CG, Chapter By-Laws and revisions to Chapter By-Laws shall be approved by two-thirds vote of the general membership of the chapter who are present at a regularly scheduled meeting and sent to the National office for approval by the National Secretary, or the Executive Vice President as the designated representative.

Section 1.05

Chapter By-Laws shall be revised when there are major changes to the CG that create an inconsistency between that document and these By- Laws, or no longer than every 5 years, but a failure to revise the Chapter By-Laws shall not make the By-Laws invalid. If at the 5th year, the By-Laws are still a valid rendition of Chapter operations, they shall be resubmitted to the National Office without revision.

Section 1.06

If it is determined to be in the best interest of the Chapter Membership, the Chapter President may waive upon a two-thirds affirmative vote of the total Executive Board any provision in the following paragraphs of the By-Laws. Executive Board members entitled to vote are the Elected Officers and the Committee Chairpersons.

Section 1.07

Waivers may be made effective only during the Program Year that the President holds office.

Section 1.08

Any provision of the following Articles may be waived pursuant to this paragraph F:

  1. Article I - Paragraph B - Address of Chapter.
  2. Article IV - Paragraph B - The provision placing a 2-year limit on Chapter Officers holding the same position.
  3. Article V - Paragraph B - The provision establishing the times for Chapter Executive Board Meetings.


Section 2.01

Chapter Officers consist of the following positions:

  1. President
  2. Senior Vice President and President Elect
  3. Vice President Operations
  4. Vice President Membership
  5. Vice President Education
  6. Vice President Programs
  7. Secretary
  8. Treasurer

Section 2.02

An organizational chart is attached hereto and is hereby made a part of these By­ Laws.

Section 2.03

Chapter Chairs are selected by the Vice Presidents to which they will report and are subject to approval by the President. The Chapter Chairs consist of the following positions:

  1. Attendance By-Laws
  2. Fellows
  3. Hospitality & Outreach
  4. Nominations & Elections Programs
  5. Audit Awards
  6. Certification
  7. Employment
  8. Golf Outing
  9. NES/WEC
  10. Newsletter
  11. Publicity & Public Relations
  12. Scholarship
  13. Website & Social Media

Section 2.04

At the discretion of the Chapter President, Chapter Chairs may be added, combined, reassigned, or eliminated if not required for the current year operating plan.

Section 2.05

The duties of the Chapter Officers and Chapter Chairs are as stated in the CG. If there is no description in Section B of the CG for the Chapter Committee Chair, the instructions for "Other/Special Committees" shall be followed.


Section 3.01

The Chairman and Committee for Nominations and Elections shall be responsible for filling the slate of officers and ensuring that elections are completed by the date established by the CG. The Senior Vice-President shall be a member of this committee.

Section 3.02

Nominations of Chapter Officers shall be in accordance with the CG. They shall be nominated from the general membership and elected with an affirmative secret plurality vote of the current chapter members attending the meeting during which the election takes place.

Section 3.03

Nominations shall be announced as open by no later than the March membership meeting. The announcement shall be made at a membership meeting and in the Chapter newsletter.

Section 3.04

Nominated candidates shall be announced at the membership meeting held in April. The Nominations & Election Committee will assure that at least one candidate is nominated for each office. Further nominations shall be requested from the floor at the same meeting. Nominations are considered closed after this meeting.

Section 3.05

Notwithstanding paragraph B of Article III, if, after the close of nominations, there are unopposed candidates for specific offices, the unopposed candidates shall be declared elected to their respective offices; and, the names of the unopposed candidates will not appear on the ballot for election of officers.

Section 3.06

Election of Officers, who are not unopposed, shall be held in the month of May each year. Printed ballots shall be provided to the members with the names of all candidates, except unopposed candidates, duly nominated at the April meeting of the Chapter. There shall be no provision for write-in Candidates. Votes shall be counted by the Chairman of the Nominations & Elections Committee and at least one other member of the Committee. Upon completion of the count, the Chairman of the Nominations & Elections Committee will introduce the elected Officers, including those officers declared elected previously by virtue of being unopposed.

Section 3.07

Elected officers shall be installed at the last meeting of the program year.

Section 3.08

Chapter Officers may be removed from office for cause in accordance with the National By-Laws.

Section 3.09

Special Elections--If any Officer, other than the President, after election to office, is unable to serve and resigns from his or her office, a Special Election shall be held to elect a replacement. The following provisions will apply to filling vacancies in offices:

Section 3.10

The President, upon learning of the resignation of an elected Officer, shall immediately notify the Nominations Chairperson and direct that the Nominations Committee shall immediately start a search for one or more replacement candidates.

Section 3.11

The next regularly published Chapter Newsletter will announce that an Officer vacancy has occurred, and that nominations will be made for a replacement at the next Chapter meeting.

Section 3.12

If, after the close of nominations, a candidate for the vacant office is unopposed, the unopposed candidate shall be declared elected.

Section 3.13

If there is more than one candidate nominated to fill the vacant office, an election shall be held in the month following the nominations. Printed ballots shall be provided to the members with the names of the candidates. There shall be no provision for write-in candidates. Votes shall be counted by the Chairman of the Nominations & Elections Committee and at least one other member of the Committee. Upon completion of the count, the Chairman of the Nominations & Elections Committee will introduce the elected Officer.

Section 3.14

Officers elected to fill a vacancy will be installed immediately following election.

Section 3.15

Officers elected to fill a vacancy shall complete the term of office left open by resignation or otherwise and shall otherwise be subject to the term limits set forth in Article IV.

Section 3.16

If a vacancy occurs while the Chapter is not holding regular monthly meetings, the President may appoint a Chapter Member to fill the vacancy until a replacement can be elected by the Chapter. The appointed member may be considered for nomination at the nominations meeting of the Chapter.


Section 4.01

The Chapter Officers shall be elected for one program year. If the Chapter President is unable to serve, the Senior Vice-President/ President Elect shall become President and a special election shall be held to elect a replacement Senior Vice­ President/President Elect. If the Senior Vice-President Elect is unable to serve, a special election shall be held to elect a replacement.

Section 4.02

During temporary interruption of services by the President, or pending a special election for a replacement, the order of succession to the office of President shall be as follows:

  1. Senior Vice President and President Elect
  2. Vice President Operations
  3. Vice President Membership
  4. Vice President Education
  5. Vice President Programs
  6. Secretary
  7. Treasurer

Section 4.03

Chapter Officers shall not hold the same position for more than 2 consecutive program years.


Section 5.01

The elected Chapter Officers and the appointed Committee Chairs shall be called the Chapter Executive Board. The authority, duties, and responsibilities are stated in A- 01 of the CG.

Section 5.02

The Chapter Executive Board shall normally convene one week prior to the regularly scheduled chapter meeting, except for the months of July and August, to conduct the business of the Chapter for the program year. The meetings in July and August shall be scheduled by the President and shall be for the purpose of organizing and planning the new program year. The President may unilaterally cancel or reschedule any Executive Board meeting by giving 7 days’ advance notice to all members of the Executive Board.

Section 5.03

The Chapter President shall confirm the meeting dates and provide each member of the Executive Board with an Agenda for the meeting.

Section 5.04

Each Executive Board member is responsible for reporting on the activities in their area of responsibility.


Section 6.01

The Chapter shall have regularly scheduled membership meetings. The Chapter shall meet during the months of September through June of the program year, except that, at the discretion of the President, a meeting may not be held during the month that the Chapter sponsors a one day (or longer) Educational Seminar.

Section 6.02

It has been the policy of the Cape Canaveral Chapter to meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Section 6.03

The time, day and place of Chapter membership meetings shall be determined each year by the Chapter Executive Board and published in the September newsletter.


Section 7.01

The chapter strongly supports integrity and ethics in the government contracting profession.  Therefore, the chapter will start each program year off with a reminder to its members of the importance of complying with the Contract Management Code of Ethics, and NCMA Policy 5-11 Conflict of Interest (COI), by either identifying to members where they can be found on the NCMA website or providing copies at the beginning of the program year.

Section 7.02

At the beginning of the program year all chapter officers, directors, and committee chairs shall be provided a written copy of the Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest policy.  In accordance with the COI policy, Chapter officers, directors and committee chairs are required to sign and date the COI policy indicating they have read and understand the policy and agree to comply with it.  These signed copies will be retained by the chapter secretary along with the chapter bylaws in accordance with NCMA’ s records retention policy.


Section 8.01

The Chapter Treasurer shall have the finances of the Chapter audited each year by the Auditor appointed by the President. Within 30 days after receiving the last bank statement for the program year, the Treasurer shall provide to the Auditor all books and records including receipts, canceled checks, deposit slips, financial reports, bank statements, and tax returns for the program year to be audited.

Section 8.02

The Auditor shall complete the audit and submit a report to the Executive Board at the first Executive Board meeting in September.

Section 8.03

Chapters shall manage their assets by formulating an estimate of program year expenditures and income. Prior year income and expenditures may be used as a guide in estimating income and expenditures for the current year. If planned expenditures are projected to exceed planned income, the meeting minutes shall so reflect, and the Chapter membership shall vote signifying approval with a simple majority of the members attending the membership meeting when the vote is taken.

Section 8.04

Each Chapter Officer and Chairperson shall submit a budget to the Chapter Treasurer at the beginning of the program year. The budget shall consist of intended program year expenditures and estimated income from planned Chapter activities for their area of responsibility.

Section 8.05

The Chapter Treasurer shall collate the various budgets and submit the program year Chapter budget to be voted on and approved by the Chapter Executive Board at the beginning of the Chapter program year.