Join NCMA Cape Canaveral Chapter as we host a full-day education and networking seminar. Attendees will receive extensive hands-on learning and scheduled opportunities to network with peers!

Course Overview

Contract management is a dynamic profession that relies on strong leaders to create solutions for organizations, customers, and end-users. Sometimes that means thinking bigger when it comes to the critical role a contract management team plays in accomplishing the mission and driving an organization forward. In this hands-on seminar, participants will explore leadership opportunities and challenges faced by contract managers, learn to leverage specific leadership skills, and develop a personal, 90-day leadership plan to hit the ground running. This seminar is perfect for anyone working in acquisition, preparing to take on a new leadership role, and current leaders ready to hone their skills! Participants will earn 7 CPE/CLPs.

Summary of Seminar Content and Objectives

Objective 1: Develop and leverage strategic relationships from a contracting leader’s unique perspective—build a plan to:

  • Identify critical counterparts and key influencers,
  • Build trust and credibility,
  • Establish partnerships, and
  • Leverage relationships to create solutions.

Objective 2: Build a reputation as a solution-maker within your organization—build a plan to:

  • Take a broader, solution-oriented approach to challenges;
  • Add value through your technical knowledge and career skills; and
  • Connect your work to the mission.

Objective 3: Communicate to get results—build a plan to:

  • Craft a results-driven message,
  • Refine your message to connect with the audience, and
  • Establish presence and project confidence.

Objective 4: Empower and engage a team of contract managers—build a plan to:

  • Establish a shared team vision,
  • Create a culture of engagement, and
  • Build up other emerging leaders.

Objective 5: Lead effectively through periods of disruption, change, and innovation—build a plan to:

  • Act decisively during periods of change,
  • Re-evaluate vision during periods of change,
  • Demonstrate emotional intelligence,
  • Identify key disruptors to and innovations coming to our profession, and
  • Plan for volatility.


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