President's Announcement on Chapter Name Change

Chapter Members,

As you recall, the chapter membership voted during October 2020 in favor of changing our Cape Canaveral chapter name to the Space Coast Chapter. On November 30, 2020, we submitted a request to NCMA Headquarters advising them of the vote results and requesting that they approve the name change. I am pleased to inform you that we recently received formal approval for our requested name change, and effective January 1, 2021, our chapter name was officially changed to the Space Coast Chapter. The approval letter from NCMA Headquarters included the following statement “Given the extensive geographic region wherein the Chapter resides, along the 72 mile stretch of Atlantic coastline dubbed the Space Coast, in addition to the presence of numerous corporate entities and NCMA members in the said region doing business in support of the space program, the name change is both relevant and appropriate.”
The chapter officers and volunteers are in the process of updating our documents, logos, letterhead, website, etc. with our new name. This is a major milestone in our chapter’s history and we are excited that we can all be a part of it. Thank you for your membership and contribution to this significant event.

Matt Cohen, Chapter President

President's Welcome Letter

To All Chapter Members,

Welcome to the National Contract Management Association, Cape Canaveral Chapter 2020-2021
program year!

The Chapter Board of Directors came up with another great program for this upcoming year despite all of us having to deal with the carry-over impacts from COVID 19.

Our first meeting of this year will be a virtual meeting on Wednesday, September 16th via Zoom. The topic for this first meeting will be “Government Contracts in Plain English” and our featured speaker is Christoph Mlinarchik who is an attorney, professional instructor, consultant, frequent public speaker, nationally recognized subject matter expert, and prolific author. There will be no charge for this meeting.

While in recent years the Chapter has provided quality training, through monthly dinner workshops and our flagship event - the National Educational Seminar (NES) - we will face the challenge this Chapter year of doing so while operating virtually until in-person meetings become more feasible again.

We will continue to invite top-notch speakers, including those from out of town, for some of the monthly virtual and, eventually, dinner meeting workshops and are committed to continue providing a first-rate NES.

We had a highly attended NES last March and we intend to follow up on that momentum and promise to provide another one that will be equally well received.

This year the Board also seeks to continue to push in all areas of outreach. There are many government contractors continuing to move to or expanding their presence in the local area. This fact is true not only with large companies but also with medium and small companies.

In addition, we have heard from members that they would like more social and networking gatherings and events and that we have also factored into this program year.

Did you know the Chapter has approximately 118 current members with close to 37 of our members holding a certification, which includes 10 Fellows But, sadly, only roughly ten to fifteen percent (10 - 15%) of the membership is actively involved.

This year the Board is looking at ways to increase our membership, as well as volunteer participation and attendance rates. One way we will achieve this is through awareness, by posting the Board Officers, Chairpersons, and Program Year Calendar on the Chapter’s website. In doing so, you will be able to ask yourself, “How can I get involved?” and, “Which meetings am I interested in attending?” by reviewing all-volunteer, training, and social networking opportunities.

I hope you are as excited as we are for this program year, as we continue to implement the initiatives described above, as well as share with you over the course of this program year more details for what is in store for our valued members.

Here’s to a great program year!

Matthew Cohen
NCMA, Cape Canaveral Chapter


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