President’s Letter 2017

President Robert P. Sheehan

To All Chapter Members,

Welcome to the National Contract Management Association, Cape Canaveral Chapter 2017-2018 program year!

The Chapter Board of Directors came up with another great program for this upcoming year despite all of us having to deal with the hurricane that came through in September and delayed our first meeting of this year. This had a ripple effect on other planned events which we have since worked out.

While in recent years the Chapter has provided quality training, through monthly dinner workshops and our flagship event (whether it was a Winter Education Conference or a National Educational Seminar), this program year the Board has decided to continue what we started doing this past year, by inviting top notch speakers from out of town for some of the monthly dinner workshops and providing a more robust flagship event. We had a record breaking in terms of attendance NES last March and we intend to follow up on that momentum and promise to provide another educational conference that will be equally well received. We believe this continuing initiative is well worth the investment.

To that end, our National Education Seminar (NES) this chapter year will be held at the Harris Global Innovation Center on Wednesday, March 28th. The topic will be Key Contract Terms and Conditions and our instructor will be the author of this program, Jim Kirlin.

This year the Board also seeks to continue to push in all areas of outreach. There are many government contractors continuing to move to or expanding their presence in the local area. This fact is true not only with large companies but also with medium and small companies. One of the activities we are conducting to attract new members is to host one of our monthly dinner workshops in the Cape Canaveral area. We are currently projecting it will be in the February 2018 timeframe. Bill McNally from NASA will be back as our speaker for that month. Please watch for more details as they become available about where the meeting will be held as we get closer to the month of the event.

In addition, we have heard from members that they would like more social and networking gatherings and events. To that end, last December’s Wine Tasting during the holidays was so popular we intend to do it again at The Mansion at the end of May. And there will be a return, after something of an extended absence, of a Chapter golf tournament that we are targeting to take place in the Fall next year (October of 2018). For the latter event, you will see a call for volunteers coming in January so that we can begin the pre-planning needed to make this tournament an enjoyable time for all and a Chapter fund raising success.

Did you know the Chapter has approximately 175 current members with close to 60 of our members holding a certification, which includes fifteen (15) Fellows? But, sadly, only roughly fifteen percent (15%) of the membership is actively involved. This year the Board is looking at ways to increase our membership, as well as volunteer participation and attendance rates. One way we will achieve this is through awareness, by posting the Board Officers, Chairpersons, and Program Year Calendar on the Chapter’s website. In doing so, you will be able to ask yourself, “How can I get involved?” and, “Which meetings am I interested in attending?” by reviewing all volunteer, training, and social networking opportunities. To the extent possible, this information will be updated and included in our newsletters. We hope to have one ready for you mid year in January.

I hope you are as excited as we are for this program year, as we continue to implement the initiatives described above, as well as share with you many details for what is in store for our valued members.

Here’s to a great program year!

Robert P. Sheehan
NCMA, Cape Canaveral Chapter